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Squirrel Tales

Sightings from the 2018 Central Park Squirrel Census

Sometime in October, 2018...Hectare



About the 2018 Central Park Squirrel Census

From NYC Open Data --
The Squirrel Census (https://www.thesquirrelcensus.com/) is a multimedia science, design, and storytelling project focusing on the Eastern gray (Sciurus carolinensis). They count squirrels and present their findings to the public. This table contains stories, observations, and notes written on tally sheets by Squirrel Sighters during the Census. Individual stories have been tagged with common story themes, such as “squirrel experience,” “park experience,” “dogs,” “other animals,” “accidental poems,” and “squirrels acting odd.”

NY Times: Why Count All the Squirrels in Central Park? Why the Heck Not